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teach abroad Coaching

Personalized coaching to help you rock your teach abroad experience!

Because you deserve to have an incredible adventure in China

do you need support on your china adventure?

  • Are you drowning in a sea of conflicting information online with no idea how to even get started?
  • Not sure if teaching abroad in China is even the right path you?
  • China, Vietnam, South Korea, Hong Kong… where should I teach?
  • Are you worried about getting scammed or ending up in a job you hate?
  • Want to take it to the next level and find those top-tier jobs in China?
  • Need someone with experience to look over your resume or job contract?
  • Feel overwhelmed and need a step-by-step timeline to get yourself to China?
  • Want to know what it’s actually like to live and work in China?
  • Are you looking at teaching online and want to know how to make the big bucks?
  • Do you just wish there was someone you trust that could walk you through the entire process step by step??
teach abroad Squad coaching is for you!

My First Year Was kind of a disaster…

I thought I’d found the perfect job teaching abroad in China on a teach abroad program that would really look out for me.

Instead, I ended up underpaid on a factory-lined highway where I was the only foreigner for miles. My school wasn’t even legally allowed to hire me, and if I wanted to leave early I could owe my school up to $8,000 which was my entire salary for the entire year… Whoopsies!

How did this happen to me?? I’d studied abroad in China for 7 months. I was fluent in Chinese. I had traveled all over China, and other countries in Asia. I had even lived on my own in Beijing for a month!

I thought I knew everything and I STILL made a ton of mistakes. 

How is that even possible? If anyone was going to be successful living abroad, it should’ve been me, right?!!!

I’ve learned a lot since then…

There were so many things I didn’t know. I was too trusting, too naive, and too overconfident. But arriving at my first school in the middle of nowhere was a nice big slap of reality, straight in the face. Maybe I didn’t know as much as I thought I did…

Thankfully, I eventually figured things out. A few years later I was working as a high-level college admissions consultant in Beijing, making four times the salary with my own private office. I had a job I loved, saved up $40,000 USD in two years, and traveled all around Asia during my 20 vacation days.

I wish I could go back in time and give myself the advice I know now, but unfortunately, time travel isn’t a thing (yet). So instead I’ve made it my mission to make sure that it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

After five years of living and working in China, I’ve cracked the code and I want to teach you everything I wish I knew my first year.

I want to bring you up to my level, and teach you all of the things I’ve learned throughout FIVE years of living and working in China.

Hey, I’m Richelle!

I’m the founder of Teach Abroad Squad and the blogger behind the award-winning China travel blog, Adventures Around Asia.

Over the last eight years, I’ve been helping hundreds of people take the leap to go on the adventure of a lifetime and teach abroad in China!

A while back I realized that the more I wrote about my own experience working in China, the more prospective teachers started to email me asking TONS of questions. So I wrote more posts, started a free mini-course, created ebooks, and spent literally all day answering a stream of never-ending emails. But the more helpful advice I created, the more questions I received!

Eventually, I realized that blog posts and e-books just aren’t enough. What you really need is a guide: someone to walk you step by step through the entire process from start to finish. Who wants to sit there reading blog post after blog post, when you can get personalized guidance from a dedicated coach you trust?

Teach Abroad Squad Coaching is designed to help you find a high-paying job you love, become an incredible teacher, and survive (and thrive) in China. 

Teach Abroad Squad

here’s how teach abroad coaching can help you!

Teach Abroad Squad Coaching will help guide you through the bumpy road of teaching abroad in China. Whether you’re new to the idea of teaching abroad, or you’re trying to take it to the next level and land one of the top-tier jobs in China, or somewhere in between, we’ve got you covered.

So… What exactly can I help you with?

Find the perfect high-paying job
  • Determine what types of jobs you should apply for based on your skillset and experience
  • Are you legal to work in China? What are your options?
  • Personalized resume and introduction video consultations: let’s help you land those jobs!
  • Not sure where to even start applying? I’ll give you a personalized list of good positions and trustworthy recruiters
  • Want to learn more about those “unique” education jobs outside of ESL?
  • Already have a decent job in China but want to really take it to the next level? Let’s take you beyond the basics to the high-level positions.
Making the Move happen
  • Let’s plan your timeline for the move so you can stay on track
  • Visas: what type of documents do you need and how do you get them?
  • Feeling overwhelmed? Let’s get you focused with an actionable to-do list
Analyzing and negotiating your contract
  • Is it a good position? Let’s do an in-depth analysis of your teach abroad contract
  • Trying to decide between two or more jobs? Let’s look at your contracts and choose the best position
  • Want to negotiate your contract? Let’s draft the negotiation together so you can get an extra $3,500 USD!

work and life in china
  • What’s it like to live and work in China? Let’s talk about Chinese culture and expat life
  • How do you actually teach? Teaching advice specific to the Chinese classroom
  • Catering to cultural differences in the classroom: how are Chinese students unique?
  • Struggling to make your lesson plans interesting, get your students to speak, or come up with interesting games and activities? I’ve got you covered
  • How to work well with your Chinese boss and coworkers (even if you don’t see eye-to-eye)
Fixing a disaster
  • Do you hate your job and need to change in the middle of your contract?
  • Are you struggling to get paid on time?
  • Is your job not offering the benefits they promised or withholding vacation time?
Looking for something a little different?
  • Want to move to China but don’t want to teach? Let’s talk about your options
  • Trying to choose between China and another country? Where is the best place for you to actually teach abroad?
  • Interested in teaching online? Let’s get you started.

“While I was the Content Director at Go Overseas, Richelle was always our go-to writer for any questions about teaching abroad in China. Whether it was teacher salaries, job types, or navigating visas and scams, Richelle always had well-researched, practical, and relatable advice for our readers.” – Jessie Beck, Former content director at Go Overseas

Here’s what you get…

Private Coaching Session
  • Meet on Zoom for a 50-minute private coaching session
  • Work through the major questions and concerns you have about teaching abroad
  • Actionable, practical, and helpful advice to help you achieve your goals
Follow Up Email With Recording
  • You’ll be sent a follow-up email with the recording of the coaching
  • If applicable you’ll also receive any links, recruiters or jobs mentioned, or additional research
Bonus: Facebook Group
  • When purchasing a package of three sessions, you’ll also gain access to the Teach Abroad Squad Members-only Facebook group
  • Join a community of other teachers going through the process with you!

Let’s Hear From past clients!

Moving Abroad With the Whole Family

“Working with Richelle has been amazing! I joined Teach Abroad Squad because I needed to meet and talk with a real-life person and mentor who had taken this journey before me. I wanted to move my family of five abroad and I needed to make sure I did everything the right way. Richelle helped me gain the knowledge I needed to secure the exact job I was looking for in the exact location I wanted in China. Joining Teach Abroad Squad was the best decision I made to begin my family’s adventure abroad!– Michelle Melville-Kashon

understand your contract and negotiate like a boss

“The thought of moving to China alone can be so overwhelming, but Richelle goes over everything you need to know to be successful during your time abroad. The biggest takeaway was how to avoid scams and what to look for in contracts. I’ve heard so many horror stories about companies promising one thing only for it to be taken away or changed later. I now know how to read contracts, negotiate salary and vacation days, and how to handle any complications down the road.” – Hilary Hancock

From Overwhelmed to confident

“I originally joined because I was overwhelmed by all the information out there and I was getting lost in the sea of it all. Then I came across Richelle’s Instagram and blog and realized this is a real person giving real stories of life in China. I felt really good about enrolling in TAS because I knew I’d need help and have questions to ask. Joining the Teach Abroad Squad gave me more confidence that I won’t be going into teaching abroad blindly.” – Sarah Anderson

“I just wanted to give you a quick update – I was offered a position with Enreach and I just accepted the offer. I cannot thank you enough for not only sharing your experiences on your blog – which was the catalyst for my entire career move – but for taking the time to answer all my questions. Seriously, thank you, thank you, thank you!” – Liz B.

the time is now.

Take the first step of your China adventure today!

Three Coaching Sessions


one-time payment
  • Three 50-minute private coaching sessions
  • 20% discount (save $84)
  • Recording download
  • Personalized follow-up email
  • Private Facebook Group
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One Coaching Session


one-time payment

50-Minutes of Coaching!

  • 50-minute private coaching session
  • Recording download
  • Personalized follow-up email
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How do I book a call?

Once you purchase a coaching call or package you will be sent a link to an online scheduling service where you can book a time with me in your time zone. If for some reason there are no calls that work for you, please reach out to and we’ll see if we can open up a slot that works for you.

If I book the 3-call bundle, how long do I wait in between calls?

When purchasing a bundle of three coaching calls, you have 90 days to use your package. You can do all three of your calls in a week, or you can book one call a month, it’s up to you!

When it comes to booking a call, you can schedule all three upfront, or you can book one call at a time.

I know some of you are in a big rush and will need a lot of coaching in a short amount of time, so I don’t want to make you wait between calls if you really need coaching now.

On the other hand, I do want you to actually use these calls, which is why there is a 90-day time limit.

Can I reschedule my coaching call?

We offer free rescheduling within 24 hours of the call. Book another time within 90 days of the purchase date and you’re good to go!

However, late cancellations or no-shows will forfeit their payment and will need to purchase another call.

Richelle will wait on the call for 15 minutes and send a courtesy email before marking you a no-show.

Richelle, what if I buy and want a refund? What's the policy?

By purchasing a coaching session you agree to attend and utilize this session. No refunds will be given for purchased coaching hours.

(So be sure you want the coaching when you sign up!)

Can you tell me more about the Facebook Group?

Yes! The Teach Abroad Squad Facebook Group is a members-only private Facebook group for Teach Abroad Squad course and coaching members.

Here you can ask questions, get advice, meet other teachers, and become a part of the TAS community!

I have a question, who do I ask?

We pride ourselves on having epic customer service. If you have any major questions, you can get in touch with us at