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Captain obvious here, but it’s my guess that if you don’t take any action after buying this program, then most likely nothing good will happen. And obviously, we can’t guarantee your results or future earnings as a result of this program (duh) or give professional or legal advice. I’m not a lawyer (much to the disappointment of many family members), and I do not have the patience for law school.

Any jobs, programs or recruiters recommended on this site are merely friendly recommendations and should be used at your own discretion. Same goes for any products or services recommended by us. Remember: you should fully analyze every opportunity/job/product/service and decide if it’s right for you!

Finally, I am not a member of the Chinese government and have no say or control over their policies (obviously). If requirements for jobs in China change, Teach Abroad Squad will not be liable for your inability to teach in China. Teach Abroad Squad does not officially endorse teaching illegally in China, and anyone who chooses to do so will be teaching at their own risk.