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WELCOME TO the job board!

We highly suggest that you at least watch Modules 1-3 BEFORE using this job board, especially since we teach you how to use it in Module 3! 

Again, remember that the final selection is up to you. While we vet every single job here, it’s really up to you to decide which school is going to be right for YOU.

If you have any major questions, be sure to post on the Facebook group or get in touch with customer service. Happy hunting!

Teach abroad squad job board

Explore CRS (Recruiter)

Explore CRS is a high-level recruiting company that finds teachers for top private and international schools. If you want to teach math, chemistry, or work as an advisor or a principal, this is the perfect place to get started. 

Teaching Nomad (Recruiter)

Teaching Nomad is a great recruiter that works with both standard ESL jobs and high-level positions at international schools. They even have tons unique jobs like working as an American football coach, along with the best selection of cities!

Career China (Recruiter)

Career China is one of my all-time favorite recruiters, and they have tons of high-level positions to choose from. They typically source teachers for HEC College Counseling, as well as international schools, international kindergartens, and high-level training centers!

College Counselor in Shanghai

Work for a high-level Western run college counseling office in Shanghai! Help Chinese students apply to top US universities and understand the admissions process.

Teach ESL China (Recruiter)

Teach ESL China is a recruiting company that specializes in working with the top public and private schools in cities like Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, and Chengdu!

Training Center (No Degree or Non-Native Speakers)

The company teaches preschool through 7th grade in small class sizes after school and on the weekends. You’ll work 40 hours/ week but you only teach 10 hours per week! You will need to work on weekends but you get two consistent weekdays off.

Drama Teacher

Help Chinese students of various ages learn drama! You may teach them improv, script writing, acting skills, and performance techniques. You may also help them put on musicals or theater performances.

Public Speaking Teacher

Help Chinese middle and high school students improve their English public speaking and prepare for speech competitions. You may also work as an assistant debate coach in some centers.

Critical Reading and Writing Teacher

Help Chinese middle and high school students learn advanced reading and writing. This is not your average ESL class! Most students here have previous English experience or attend an international curriculum program.

Debate Coach (Need Debate Experience)

Help Chinese high school students learn and prepare for NSDA debate competitions by teaching classes and leading workshops!

College Admissions Counselor

Aid Chinese students in applying to top US universities and help them understand the admissions process. While each office varies, you will be helping high school students write their application essays, develop extracurricular activities, and choose a university that best fits their needs.

Advanced Training Center and Public School Jobs (Recruiter)

Extremely reputable placement agency that specializes in placing experienced teachers in some of the best public schools and training centers in China. Dreamland is looking for experienced teachers or those with a teaching or English degree.