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App Ark: College Counselor in Shanghai

Location:  Shanghai

Requirements: US passport holders with a bachelor’s degree from a top 50 US university if you’re fluent in Chinese, or a top 30 US university if you don’t speak Chinese

Preferred Qualifications: Advanced degrees, admissions experience, teaching experience with high schoolers or adults, significant writing experience

Job Details: Work for a high-level Western run college counseling office in Shanghai! Help Chinese students apply to top US universities and understand the admissions process. You will be helping high school students write their application essays, develop extracurricular activities, and choose a university that best fits their needs.

For more information, I wrote an entire article about this type of position here!

Salary: 18,000 AFTER tax + free company housing. If people have experience, the salary could be from 20,000 to 30,000 + housing stipends.

Vacation: 10 paid personal holidays + paid national holidays

Why here? I chatted with the HR director of this company and it seems amazing! Western run with 10 foreign employees, the pay is great and the office culture is awesome.

“The company’s physical environment is pretty decent. We are located in the center area of Shanghai (Xujiahui, right next to French Concession) and we own an entire floor in a very modern office building. Our culture is also quite cool. We are all in our mid-20’s and there’s almost no bureaucracy. It’s a very fast-growing education startup and we are basically renewing ourselves every year. We encourage our people to try new ideas and break conventions.”

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