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teach abroad squad

The online course and community to help you rock your first year teaching abroad in China!

Because you deserve to have an incredible experience in China the FIRST time around

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Here’s the brutal fact:

Most teachers in China have a few “throw away years” before they finally start getting things right. 

They have crappy jobs, fall for scams, or get themselves stuck in contracts at schools they hate.

But what if you don’t have time to waste on a “throw-away year”? What if you just want to have an incredible experience in China the FIRST time around??

Teach Abroad Squad is my proven step-by-step system to help you find a high-paying job, become an incredible teacher, and survive (and thrive) in China. 

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Teach Abroad Squad

here’s How Teach Abroad Squad Can work for you

  • Find a high-paying scam-free job with our Approved Jobs List of positions and recruiters that have been personally vetted by Richelle
  • Arrive in China able to speak Survival Chinese with a 40-minute Mandarin course and cheat sheet.
  • Instant community full of teachers in China with a members-only Facebook Group. Ask questions, share lesson plans, host meetups, and keep each other accountable.
  • Avoid scammy scam jobs by learning how to analyze and negotiate your contract.
  • Get support and guidance with our interactive Facebook group community
  • And finally, training that walks you through every step:
    • Finding and landing an incredible job
    • Completely understanding (and negotiating) your contract
    • Getting your Chinese Work Visa
    • Learning how to be an incredible teacher (to Chinese students)
    • Budgeting and saving up a ton of money to travel and achieve your goals
    • Surviving (and thriving) on the ground once you get there.

Let us make sure you have the adventure of a lifetime the FIRST time around!

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Let’s Hear From Current Students

From Overwhelmed to confident

“I originally joined because I was overwhelmed by all the information out there and I was getting lost in the sea of it all. Then I came across Richelle’s Instagram and blog and realized this is a real person giving real stories of life in China. I felt really good about enrolling in TAS because I knew I’d need help and have questions to ask. Joining the Teach Abroad Squad gave me more confidence that I won’t be going into teaching abroad blindly.” – Sarah Anderson

Avoid the scams and negotiate like a boss

“The thought of moving to China alone can be so overwhelming, but TAS goes over everything you need to know to be successful during your time abroad. The biggest takeaway was how to avoid scams and what to look for in contracts. I’ve heard so many horror stories about companies promising one thing only for it to be taken away or changed later. I now know how to read contracts, negotiate salary and vacation days, and how to handle any complications down the road.” – Hilary Hancock

find a high-paying job you love so you can rock your first year in china!


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